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Helpful Hints from Northern Electric Company:

Home Electrical Circuits

Problems with wiring in a home can lead to inconvenience, fire or even death. To prepare for these problems, familiarize yourself and your family with the location of the electrical breaker panel, which should be labeled. Turn off breakers for areas of concern. If in doubt, shut off main breaker, which could be inside or outside your home.

Avoiding electrical problems is simple. Each year thousands of fires are the result of common electrical installation problems. As some older homes are remodeled, some electrical outlets are installed without a proper grounded outlet, replacing the old receptacle outlet. This is an error, because in the event of a short circuit, the cover plate can become energized and deadly. Here we will present some common electrical problems and how to avoid them during the remodeling process.

Code regulation is specific about how much wiring can be stripped. At least six inches are recommended to facilitate handling of the outlet box.

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Salt Lake City Emergency Preparedness

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