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We specialize in electrical services like home remodels.  Let an expert and Licensed Contractor handle the electrical work so all codes are correctly adhered to with no danger to yourself.



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The Electrical Services we provide:

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  • Wiring Documentation
  • Inspecting / Locating / Testing
  • Data cabling
  • Voice cabling
  • Code violation repair
  • Utility conversions
  • Aluminum wiring corrections
  • Fuses to circuit breakers
  • Lighting repair
  • Lightning Protection
  • New wiring

  • General Electrical Maintenance and Repair
  • Structured Wiring Systems
  • POS System Wiring
  • Temperature Control Wiring
  • Site Lighting Installation and Maintenance



1.Meter Upgrade:

Grounding requirements are more stringent today than even six years ago. Northern Electric Company services include meter upgrades (also known as a service upgrade) will improve the gateway to the building’s electrical system. Even a 30-year old service will receive enhancements to

a. The safety of the system with a main breaker
b. Greater system capacity with larger hardware and conductors
c. Longevity with modern codes designed for long-term endurance
d. Lighting protection with a driven grounding electrode (ground rod), and p
e. Protection for electronics with more-stringent system grounding and bonding requirements.


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2.Distribution Panel:
Breakers should be “exercised” every six months. Old breakers often fail to trip upon a overload (too many loads on a circuit). Modern breakers not only guard against overloads, but also against short circuits from damaged appliances or wiring. Replacing the distribution panel ensures that you have the most-modern equipment that meets the requirements of the current National Electrical Code. If you are relocating the panel, that is a good time to upgrade the panel, and vice versa. A home owner’s insurance company will discount the premium if the fuses are replaced with breakers.

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3.Panel Upgrade:
Like older, outdated breakers, fuses only protect against a circuit overload (too many loads on a circuit). It can take minutes of arcing, smoking, and flaming before a fuse cuts power to a short circuit. Over time, people will replace a burned-out fuse with a larger-rated fuse so they can run more lights or appliances on the same old circuit wiring. An oversized fuse will allow the circuit to operate beyond the wires’ capacity to dissipate heat until a fire erupts. A breaker will ensure the protective device is sized properly for the wire capacity.


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4.Main Feeder:
The main feeder supplies power from the meter to the main distribution panel. Residential feeders installed before around 1965 were done with only three wires, compared to the 4-wire feeders required today. To maximize the value of an electrical service upgrade, the old feeder should also be replaced. This will allow you utilize the expanded capacity of an increased service size. More importantly, you can only ensure that your panel is properly grounded and that your grounding network remains isolated from the current-carrying neutral conductor if you have a 4-wire feeder.

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5.Overhead-to-Underground Conversion:
We can eliminate the overhead conductors that cross your yard by converting your overhead service to an underground service. We also help move the overhead telephone and cable TV lines underground. With an underground utility conversion, we install nonmetallic raceways for power and telecommunications underground so future upgrades can be made without any further digging. Through extensive planning and working closely with inspectors and the power utility, we can make a seamless conversion with a minimum of service interruption during the cut-over.

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6.Circuit Survey:
Up until 2003, electricians weren’t even required to label the circuits in you panel! We can survey the circuits, and label the panel so you know where to find the breaker for you critical equipment. In larger systems, we can diagram the building to document the panel and circuit locations as well as identifying all of the outlet locations with circuit numbers.

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7.Power Survey:
If your power bill is too high, we will survey the appliances and equipment that are served by your electrical system. We will make recommendations for reducing your power consumption and your carbon footprint to save you money every month.

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8.Ice-Melting Heat Tapes:
There are several options for snow- and ice-melting heat trace. At Northern Electric Company, we only install self-regulating heat trace that regulates between fully-on in sub-freezing weather to about 20%-on above 40 degrees F. Most gutter contractors and handyman contractors do not understand the National Electrical Code rules and manufacturers’ restrictions to install heat trace safely, so it is important to have a licensed electrical contractor to install the power circuit and make all of the power line connections.


  • Minimum heat trace installation:Install heat trace only in gutters and in the roof valleys and around chimneys. This limited type of installation tends to get overwhelmed with large accumulations of snow.
  • Preferred heat trace installation: Adding a zig-zag pattern of heat trace on the overhanging portion of the roof will form a path for meltwater to take from the roof to the gutter.
  • Minimum power installation: Install circuits supplied by breakers that provide ground-fault protection for equipment (GFPE). These are different than ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) that trip at a smaller leakage current to protect personnel.
  • Better power installation: Adding a switch and indicator light for each heat trace circuit provides visual confirmation they are working, and allows control with the proper device, rather than switching with the GFEP breaker, which is not switch-rated.
  • Preferred power installation: Install a temperature and moisture sensor in the gutter that will automatically switch on just at the moment when conditions call for melting. For more than one circuit, connect the sensor’s switch to a relay that will control all circuits at once. Indicator lights on each circuit give constant circuit status information. Installing a system-wide surge suppressor at the panel will protect the control components as well as the rest of the house.

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