We offer a range of electrical services for residential and commercial buildings. We have over 25 years of experience and are trusted in the industry along with a two year warranty on all labor.

Residential Services

  • Install New Wiring
    • Running new electrical wire from outlets to switches to the panel. This is common for remodel projects or new buildings. 
  • Lighting Fixture Upgrade
    • Replacing old lighting fixtures
  • Aluminum wiring corrections
    • Bringing aluminum wiring up to code
  • Fuses and Circuit Breakers
    • Updating breakers in panels
  • Meter and Panel Upgrade 
    • Updating an older panel or meter inside/outside of a building.
  • Overhead to Underground Conversion
    • This is removing the service wire from the pole to the roof of the house and running it underground. 
  • Ice-Melting Heat Tapes (roofs)
    • These are strips of heating tape installed at the edge of a roof to melt snow and ice so icicles do not form
  • Electrical Maintenance and Repair (general fixes)

Commercial Services

  • Code Violation Repair
    • Inspections are performed on all projects by a city inspector. If a project fails the inspection a fix must be made in order to pass.
  • Circuit Surgery
  • Power Survey
  • Wiring Documentation
  • Wiring Inspection / Locating / Testing
  • Data Cabling
    • Installing cat5 and cat6 cables for internet
  • Voice Cabling
    • Installing cat5 and cat6 for phone
  • Lighting Fixture Repair and Upgrade 
  • POS System Wiring
    • Point of Sale wiring for businesses
  • Electrical Maintenance and Repair (general fixes)

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