Here you can learn more about the company Northern Electric Company. We give you a brief overview of our history and how we work.

  About the Company Tim Komlos – Owner

Northern Electric Company History:

  • In business for 10 years
  • Developed business with  homeowners by addressing their needs for customer care and custom design
  • Developed customer base
  • Home and business owners
  • Contractors
  •  Realtors
  •  Commercial property managers


What you get with Northern Electric Company

  • Two-year warranty
  • Design and engineering
  • Distribution systems
  • Low voltage systems
  • Outlet location and types
  • Lighting layout
  • Experienced employees
  • Consideration for customer needs
  • Respect privacy
  • Maintain job site security
  • Clean up after job
Electricians are the guys and gals that bring electricity into businesses, factories, and homes. If there’s wiring, fuses, and other electrical components in a facility, chances are it was installed by an electrician.Electricians usually start their work day by reading blueprints. These are the technical diagrams that reveal the locations of outlets, load centers, panel boards and other electrical related components. For safety, electricians follow the National Electrical Code, and State and local building codes.For an electrician, a day-in-the-life can consist of connecting all types of wires and circuit breakers, outlets, and a host of other components. Their use of tools include; ammeters, ohmmeters, voltmeters, oscilloscopes, and other equipment used in electrical testing.Their work includes making regular assessments of electrical equipment and electrical systems. A lot of work involves adding and replacing wires, fuses, circuit breakers, connections, and much more. And, the work is accomplished under a variety of conditions. At all times on the job, electricians are required to adhere to safety rules and guidelines.Those with a careful eye for detail, good working habits, and great work judgment might consider becoming electricians. Electricians need to know how to read blueprints, install, and connect and test electrical devices.They must also be familiar with local and federal electrical regulations and codes. A sound understanding of electrical systems and strong manual dexterity is required to be effective on the job.An electrician who works on residential work performs a wide variety of tasks. The work may require completely rewiring a home, or installing lighting and other electric household items. They may also do construction and installation work.



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Northern Electric Company, Inc.
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